Welcome to SHEAT Group of Institutions, Varanasi:.


The SHEAT Group of Institutions comprising of SHEAT College of Engineering and Management, SHEAT College of Polytechnic and SHEAT College of Pharmacy and Education is a pious step of Saraswati Trust towards social welfare by imparting knowledge and education. At SHEAT, we endeavour to set learning challenges within a caring and orderly environment where students are provided opportunities that enable social, mental and physical growth. With an aim to remain quality conscious, efficient and responsive to today’s rapid changing economic and technological developments, SHEAT has taken up the challenge for not only to provide technical and corporate training to the students but also delivers the effort to make themselves confident, better human beings with leadership qualities. Thus, our mission is to develop Purvanchal as an educational hub and provide best education to our students so that they possess skills, knowledge, creativity, sense of self worth and values necessary to thrive in contributing to a diverse and competing world. All strength and power you need is within you. Construct your determination with sustained effort, controlled attention and concentrated energy. Discover your goals and dreams and we at SHEAT will help you make dreams come into reality. As a chairman, I welcome you at SHEAT to experience the quality education in a unique, motivating and inspiring environment which will prepare you for a successful future.

Virendra Singh

SHEAT College is incipient to take admission for the session 2018-2019. The mission of our institution is to provide best technical education to our students. My
best wishes to all staff members, college professors, lecturers, students and Directors of the institute for their sincere efforts and dedication. Ushering value based education that promotes human excellence and enhance competitive ability in today’s academic word is herculean task, considering the tremendous amount of distortion and contamination introduction by market forces.  We have been accomplishing this task for a decade and have strong conviction to do the same in years to come. 

As a Vice Chairman of SHEAT, I welcome you to this fascinating institution and looking forward to your valuable association with us.

V. K. Singh
Vice Chairman

The Technical Education System in India is in an unprecedented stage of transmission. The primary reason for pack of higher education, especially in the field of Technical Education is poverty, under-development. The national capacity of technically trained work-force will increasingly depend on the quality & academic level of our engineering Intuitions. SHEAT College of higher education has been setup with the same ambition.

We are determined provide high education with innovative & effective techniques. The academic program incorporates extensive Teacher-Students interaction, Projects, Personality development Programs in addition to a rigorous academic schedule. With this approach, I invite students to SHEAT for a true learning experience with assurance that will graduate as tough professionals and human being from this temple of learning.

Prof. Kulbhushan Gupta
Director of Engineering
M.Tech, Ph.D


The Technical Education System in India is in an unprecedented stage oftransmission. The primary reason for lack of higher education, especially inthe field of Technical Education is poverty, under-development. The nationalcapacity of technically trained work-force depends on the quality &
academic level of engineering institutions. SHEAT College of Engineering &Management has been set up with the same ambition.We are determined to provide high quality education with innovative &effective techniques. The academic program incorporates extensive Teacher-students interaction, Projects, Personality Development Program sin addition to a rigorous academic schedule. With this approach, I invite students to SHEAT for a true learning experience with assurance that they will graduate as tough professionals and integral human beings from this Institution.

Prof. Nagendra Singh
Director General
SHEAT COLLEGE OF Engineering & Management

SHEAT College of Engineering and Management was established in 2008 with the objective of creating leading research and development facilities in the field of engineering, technology & management. SHEAT has grown at a very fast pace with the number of Student increasing from 240 to 2000 in the past 7 years. All departments have well equipped laboratories with modern facilities where the students perform experiments to gain practical knowledge and insight to gain a very important aspect of engineering education. During the semester, value added training programs are conducted by industries, in- house for students in specialized areas such as embedded systems, digital system design, Oracle, Microsoft technologies, Java, PHP, Linux, Cisco, Solid Edge etc. Our institution organises seminars in collaboration with experts from renowned industries so that students are well trained and placed.
 I would like to quote Aristotle, “we are what we repeatedly do”. To enable our march towards excellence, your valuable input will help us to take priority steps in the direction where we may need to do more.
I welcome you all at SHEAT which is not only an institution but as well a seat of culture that strives at producing a new breed of professionals.

Dr. A.K. Yadav
Deputy Director

Saraswati Higher Education & Technical College of Pharmacy (SHEAT), Varanasi is a premier institute in Uttar Pradesh, which was launched with the main objective of giving quality pharmaceutical education to the students. The academic is situated in the holy city of Varanasi. The lush green campus with sprawling lawns and play ground with exquisite facilities to develop congenial environments for the students pursuing their studies, away from the daily hustle & bustle of city life. Welcome to SHEAT college of pharmacy, Varanasi & experience the quality education in a unique motivating and inspiring environment which will prepare you for a successful future.

Prof. Rajeev Shukla 
Director of Pharmacy
M.Pharma. (I.T.-B.H.U.)
Vice-President, APTI-(U.P. State)

I have pleasure in welcoming you to SHEAT Group of Institutions web portal. The Institute is striving hard to have qualitative improvement in the level of education, environment and economy of this region. This institute has a visionary mission to contribute in multidimensional growth and development of the region in general and holistic development of the students in particular. We hope that the inspiring students, under the guidance of dedicated teachers and a far-sighted leadership of the top administration would lead these institutions to a coveted and recognized position in the galaxy of higher education in the country. 

Our primary objective is to enrich and support the individual in his/her endeavour towards the attainment of knowledge and wisdom to apply that knowledge in coherence with the aims and ambitions of the individual in particular and for the greater good of human kind in general. Industries and renowned institutions are always welcome to collaborate for R & D activities with faculty members and research scholars.

Now the Institute is completely automated and online. This will definitely enhance you to handle the queries. ​As regards to the students who are our main stakeholders, we look forward to a healthy working relationship where dialogue becomes the pillar of our understanding. We remain open to your deserved needs and not demands and our focus will be to make you all-round graduates ready for the market and responsible citizens of this great country.

I assure you best academic, administrative and research atmosphere in the campus.

With Best wishes

Dr. Vijay Kumar Upadhyay
M.Sc. Ph. D

Saraswati Higher Education & Technical College of Pharmacy, Varanasi to impart quality education to achieve excellence in teaching-learning and research.The role of education is to enable this transformation by way of ensuring the development of the competence to live with human consciousness and definite human conduct.

For this, it has to ensure Right understanding in every child, the capacity to live in relationship with the other human being and the capacity to identify the need of physical facility and the skills & practice for sustainable production of more than what is required leading to the feeling of prosperity.

Dr. Abhishek Kumar

Pharm., Ph.D (I.M.S, BHU)

Member of NCC-IP, AICTE

Welcome to SHEAT College of Higher Education. At SHEAT we ensure sustainable human development which encourages self reliant and self content society. We promote activities related to community service, social welfare and also Indian heritage and culture. Over the years we have witnessed spectacular rise in every educational parameter and we aim to do the same in future.

I wish you all a wonderful academic session and lots of happiness and success.

Dr S.k. Singh  (Ph.D)