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World Thyroid Day observed on May 25      |      Indian Air force to launch its squadron Number-18 – Flying Bullets with a fleet of LCA Tejas at its Sulur base near Coimbatore      |      Condolence Hockey legend Balbir Singh Dosanjh, also known as Balbir Singh Sr., dies in Mohali aged 95, Was member of Olympic gold medal winning teams in 1948 (London),1952 (Helsinki) and Melbourne (1956, captain),Holds record for scoring most goals by an individual in the men’s hockey final at Olympics: 5 in India’s 6-1 win over Holland in 1952 final      |      31 May will be observed as Anti-Tobacco Day      |      5th June World Environment day      |      The theme for World Environment Day 2020 is, 'Time for Nature,' with a focus on its role in providing the essential infrastructure that supports life on Earth and human development.      |      SHEAT Group of Institutions is conducting online classes successfully.

📖 Faculty of Polytechnic


1Mr. Vikas Raghuvanshi (ME)M.Tech.Co-ordinator
2Mr. Daya Ram Chaudhary (ME)M.Tech.LECTURER/HOD
3Mr. Dhanesh Tripathi (ME) M.Tech.LECTURER
4Mr. Gyan Chand (ME)M.Tech.LECTURER
5Miss. Soni Verma (ME)M.Tech.LECTURER
6Mr. Shubham Singh Yadav (ME)M.Tech.LECTURER
7Mr. Munne Lal Patel (CE)M.Tech.LECTURER
8Mr. Amit Kumar Singh (CE)M.Tech.LECTURER
9Mr. Amit Kumar Singh (CE)M.Tech.LECTURER
10Mr. Shubham Tiwari (CE)M.Tech.LECTURER
11Mr.Gunjan Kumar Mishra (EE)M.Tech.LECTURER
12Mr. Prashant Kumar Singh (EE)M.Tech.LECTURER
13Mr. Pawan Kumar Mishra (EE)M.Tech.LECTURER
14Mr. Tej Bahadur (EE)M.Tech.LECTURER
15Mr. Suresh Pal (Physics)M.Sc.LECTURER
16Mr. Avanish Kumar Singh (Maths)M.Sc.LECTURER